Disability Equality Training DET Courses

The aim of our Disability Equality Training DET Courses is to help equip all members of staff to support their colleagues.

The course will also provide a better service to consumers that have a disability or long-term health condition.

Why Have Disability Equality Training?

There are 13.3 million people with disabilities in the UK – One fifth of Scotland’s population have a disability – that’s one million people.

The Equality Act 2010 says that changes or adjustments should be made.

  • To ensure that people with a disability can access goods and services like shops, banks, cinemas, hospitals, council offices, leisure centers.
  • It makes ideal business-sense to have an accessible and inclusive organisation and workforce which will appeal to millions of potential customers.
  • We deliver a dynamic and comprehensive face-to-face Disability Equality Training.
  • Our training packages respond to the needs of each organisation and situation.
  • Each training session or package can be tailored to address different areas of activity, staff concerns and outcomes.
  • From customer care and front of house, through to the boardroom.
  • ESL Services will guide you through training that builds confidence and knowledge to inform action.
  • This will provide you with the tools your business needs to become ‘disability smart’.
  • The interactive sessions are suitable for people at all levels and delivered by expert trainer in your own workplace.

What are our Disability Equality Training DET Courses objectives?

To highlight the opportunities and value of disability.

We will explore the Equality Act 2010 definitions and how it supports disabled consumers and staff with disabilities.

Also highlight how the Equality Act 2010 will affect your practice with regards to recruitment and customer or workplace adjustments.

And educate staff on the common types of disability in the workplace and the associated opportunities and challenges.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will understand equality from the perspective of disabled staff and consumers.

A good understanding of definitions, exclusions and how to prevent discrimination or unconscious bias.

Participants will understand how the Equality Act 2010 supports recruitment processes and customer or workplace adjustments.

A clear understanding of the ‘red-lines’ with regards to language and etiquette.

What is included?

All participants will receive a pack of material as an aide memoir to take away.

They will also receive a ESL Services certificate for undertaking the course.

Course participants will be expected to contribute feedback as part of the programme evaluation to ensure the training remains both dynamic and current.

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