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Disability Equality Training DET Courses

Make 'Reasonable Adjustments'

The aim of our Disability Equality Training DET Courses is to help equip all members of staff to support their colleagues.

disability equality training det courses

Disability Equality Training DET Courses

Our Disability Equality Training (DET) is a type of training designed to promote awareness and understanding of people with disabilities.

Our training aims to challenge attitudes and perceptions towards disability, as well as to improve knowledge and skills in communicating with and supporting people with disabilities.

It explores the social, political and personal experiences of people with disabilities, and aims to create an inclusive environment for all individuals.

By undertaking disability equality training, participants can learn how to recognise and reduce barriers, promote accessibility and inclusion, and ensure that all individuals are valued and respected.

Our training is beneficial for individuals and organisations across a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, education, businesses and government departments.

Ultimately, by increasing awareness and understanding, disability equality training promotes a more inclusive and equal society for everyone.

key points

The aim of our Disability Equality Training Courses is to help equip all members of staff to support their colleagues..

  • The Equality Act 2010 says that changes or adjustments should be made to ensure that people with a disability can access goods and services like shops, banks, cinemas, hospitals, council offices, leisure centers.
  • It makes ideal business-sense to have an accessible and inclusive organisation and workforce which will appeal to millions of potential customers.
  • Each training session or package can be tailored to address different areas of activity, staff concerns and outcomes. From customer care and front of house, through to the boardroom.
  • ESL Services will guide you through training that builds confidence and knowledge to inform action this will provide you with the tools your business needs to become ‘disability smart’.
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Qualification Title:

Disability Equality Awareness


4 hours (Depending on the package)


Our DET courses covers a range of topics;

  • Physical Disabilities
  • Sensorial Disabilities
  • Learning Disabilities and Difficulties
  • Assistance Dogs
  • Legal requirements
  • And many other


A maximum of 16 students are allowed on the course and must be a minimum of 16 years of age. A certificate
can be offered to all, subject to assessment.


A range of methods are used, including a practical assessment.


An ESL Services certificate will be issued to the student.

Cost: Contact us for prices

Location: In-house Training, On-site Training

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