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Short Term Hire Policy

For Evacuation Chairs, Stair Climbers, any related equipment and operators.


Any cancellation has to be done before 12pm of the day before the event unless the event falls on a Sunday or Monday.

If the date of the event falls on Sunday or Monday the cancellation has to be done on the Friday before 12pm before the date of the event.


Full refund will only be issued if the cancellation is done according with the cancellation policy or if ESL Services is not able to cover the event after payment been received for the hire.

If cancellation is only made on the day of the event no refund will be issued.

Use of Equipment:

The equipment hired can only be operated by a trained operator.

ESL Services will not be responsible for any accident or damage when the equipment is used by a nontrained operator or if the operator is not a member of ESL Services Staff.

Equipment Damage and Repair:

The person or company who is hiring the equipment is responsible for any damage and repair of any of the equipment if the equipment has been damaged when operated by an operator who is not trained or is not an ESL Service Staff member.

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