Super Trac TRE-70 Powered Stair Climber

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It is essential that when purchasing an Evacuation Chair or Stair Climber that a suitable training programme is also implemented.

ESL Services are dedicated to providing a nationwide full-evacuation chair & stair climber training service to our customers.

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Super Trac TRE-70 Powered Stair Climber

The Super Trac TRE-70 Powered Stair Climber is a self-levelling evacuation platform & stair climber.

The Super Trac TRE-70 is the world’s first portable stair climber that includes a self-levelling platform.

With the aid of a powered winch manual handling is eliminated when loading and unloading wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

With its unique design the Tre-70 carries the following types of wheelchairs:

  • Manual wheelchairs
  • Powered wheelchairs
  • Adults and children’s wheelchairs
  • Sport’s Wheelchairs
  • The TRE-70 can also carry mobility scooters.

TRE-70 Features:

Laser control system for stair climbing

Large internal ramp for loading of large and difficult wheelchairs

Can carry Bariatric people up to 230 kg/36 stone

Operates on indoor and outdoor stairways

Includes rechargeable battery and charger

Wide double tracks securely grip stairs

Large wheels allow easy travel across landings between stair flights

Integrated tie-down straps and seat belt hold wheelchair securely on platform

Adjustable headrest

Simple, easy-to-use controls

Robust commercial design

TRE-70 Specifications:

Capacity: 230 kg

Weight: 263 kg

Dimensions: 129 x 81.6 x 139.4 cm

Stair Angle: 35 degrees

Speed: 6.4

Warranty: 2 years

Manufacturer: Sunwa

Stair Clearances:

Minimum: 2100 x 2100 mm

The diagram below shows typical minimum clearances required on stairways.

Actual requirements may vary depending on your stairway configuration.

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