Ramp Platform Joining Section

Used for joining two ramp platform sections together.

For Ramp Platform Joining Section prices, availability and shipping costs, please contact us for any further details.


Ramp Platform Joining Section

Ramp Platform Joining Section – Used for joining two platform sections together.

A 180° turn can be created using two corner platforms

A joining section ensures they have a level join

All platforms are supplied with handrails

All platforms are fitted as standard with adjustable feet giving a height range of 140mm to 260mm

Greater heights are achieved by fitting extension legs also available

We stock a range of wheelchair access ramp accessories that are compatible with our ramps and platforms.

Our accessories have been designed to make a permanent modular ramp system even more adaptable.

Ramp Platform Joining Section Sizes:

Length: 230mm – 9″ inches

Internal Track Width: 800mm – 31½” inches

Overall Width: 895mm – 35¼” inches

Weight: 3.5kg