Portable Folding Wheelchair Ramps

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Developed from a new manufacturing process using new core materials, the Express Range of Portable Folding Wheelchair Ramps are extremely lightweight with an increased carrying capacity.



Portable Folding Wheelchair Ramps

ESL Services are delighted to announce that the express range of portable folding wheelchair ramps and platforms have now been released in the UK.

Our express range of portable folding wheelchair ramps and platforms have been a huge success following their launch in France in 2012.

Our express range of ramps offer the same strength, durability and high standards as our other range of wheelchair ramps, but come at a budget price.

The Express Ramp provides a folding ramp with smooth moulded upstands and an effective anti-slip surface.

Folding in half along the length of the ramp, a soft comfortable handle makes carrying effortless and doubles to retain both halves together when closed, making storage easier when not in use.

Thanks to our new manufacturing method the Express Ramp has an increased weight capacity over our standard access ramps range, with a SWL 300kg.

The Express range of ramps is available in 4 lengths with the Express Platform available in 2 heights.

A safe and easy way too many access problems.

These Ramps have been designed to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and the Equality Act 2010.

These ramps come in various sizes and can be used in conjunction with mobility equipment that includes wheelchairs, scooters etc.

Both ramps and platforms have a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 300kg.

With contrasting coloured slip resistant surface, smooth moulded side up stands.

Express Range Access Ramp Sizes:

Ramp Length: 35½” (900mm)

Ramp Width: 30″ (760mm)

Internal Track Width: 27½” (700mm)

Ramp Weight: 8kg

Ramp Length: 47″ (1200mm)

Ramp Width: 35½” (900mm)

Internal Track Width: 32″ (820mm)

Ramp Weight: 10kg

Ramp Length: 54″ (1370mm)

Ramp Width: 35½” (900mm)

Internal Track Width: 33½” (840mm)

Ramp Weight: 12kg

Ramp Length: 72″ (1830mm)

Ramp Width: 35½” (900mm)

Internal Track Width: 31½” (800mm)

Ramp Weight: 14kg

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