Mobile Wheelchair Access Ramp

Custom sizes & colours are available.

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Mobile Wheelchair Access Ramp

The mobile wheelchair access ramp has been designed for disabled access use when a temporary, safe and quick ramp deployment is required.

Our mobile wheelchair access ramp is the ideal solution for access problems for public or commercial buildings including schools, universities, churches, sports facilities or access to staging.

The ramps are safe to use and meet the full requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and The Equality Act 2010.

Made from fibreglass with a non-slip surface.

Fold-able and easy to store when storage space is limited.

Giving you a quick fix to many access problems.

Portable ramp system with castors that can be easily wheeled into place when required.

Lockable castors for secure use.

Additional single or double handrails can be added for extra safety.

Mobile Wheelchair Ramp Sizes:

Accessible Height: 8″ (203mm)

Standing Height: 53½” (1360mm)

Accessible Height: 10″ (254mm)

Standing Height: 65½” (1665mm)

Accessible Height: 12″ (305mm)

Standing Height: 77½” (1970mm)

Accessible Height: 14″ (355mm)

Standing Height: 89½” (2274mm)

Accessible Height: 16″ (406mm)

Standing Height: 101½” (2580mm)

Additional information

Overall Ramp Length

(2740mm) / 9ft, (3350mm) / 11ft, (3960mm) / 13ft, (4572mm )/ 15ft, (5180mm )/ 17ft