Loophear 101 Induction Loop

£119.25 ex vat


Loophear 101 Induction Loop

The Loophear 101 Induction Loop – LH101  is a portable unit designed for facilitating communication between a speaker and wearer/s of T-coil hearing aids.

The loopHEAR™ is ideal for one to one applications at small meetings.

This lightweight unit includes, within the casing: an induction loop, a built-in amplifier and an external earpiece.

Product Features:

  • The LoopHEAR™ can be used either as a portable unit or in a fixed position
  • Built-in microphone
  • On/Off button
  • Low battery indicator
  • Indicator of emission magnetic field
  • Adjustable receiving volume of the additional earpiece


Battery time :

  • 8 hours when fully charged
  • Standby when turned on but not in use: 2 days
  • Standby when turned off: 4 months
  • 9vDC power adaptor (3 m wire)
  • Size :25 x 22 x 7 cm
  • Weight: 710 g
  • Supplied in a lightweight case


  • External microphone (3.5mm jack)
  • Additional earpiece for non-wearers of hearing aids or for wearer of hearing aids who don’t have the T position.