LG2020 Stairway Climber

£3,400.00 ex vat

It is essential that when purchasing an Evacuation Chair or Stair Climber that a suitable training programme is also implemented.

ESL Services are dedicated to providing a nationwide full-evacuation chair & stair climber training service to our customers.

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LG2020 Stairway Climber

The LG2020 Stairway Climber is the most competitively priced stair climber for spiral and flared stairs.

Ideal for all spiral and flared stairs in particular historic and listed buildings.

  • The stair climber has a unique rear support wheel for safe movement on stairs.
  • Ideal for transporting in small vehicles as it can be easily broken down into lighter units.
  • Easy to disassemble and store when not in use, quick to reassemble.
  • Extremely lightweight and its compact size is very easy to manoeuvre even in tight spaces.
  • It is strong and durable with an autonomy that is unrivalled.

LG2020 Features:

Rear support allows an assisted climb to be comfortable and effortless.

Ergonomic handle with large buttons for easy and safe control of the stair lift.

Adjustable brake in order to better adapt to all types of stairs.

Pivoting front wheels with double-acting brake. 

Extendable platform.

Compact and easy to disassemble.

Flexible seating options.

Suitable for Air plane applications.

LG2020 Specifications:

Capacity: 160 kg

Weight: 44 kg

Dimensions: 97 x 57 x 70 cm

Speed: 36 steps per minute

Warranty: 2 years

Manufacturer: Antano

Stair Clearances:

Minimum: 600 x 600 mm

The diagram below shows typical minimum clearances required on stairways.

Actual requirements may vary depending on your stairway configuration.

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