LG Evacu Evacuation Chair

£545.00 ex vat

Weight Icon 135kg
Weight Capacity 135kg
Down Stairs Icon
Goes Down Stairs

It is essential that when purchasing an Evacuation Chair or Stair Climber that a suitable training programme is also implemented.

ESL Services are dedicated to providing a nationwide full-evacuation chair & stair climber training service to our customers.

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LG Evacu Evacuation Chair

The LG Evacu Evacuation Chair is a low-cost stair stretcher that offers a simple, affordable and lightweight solution for emergency professionals who have to transfer patients down staircases.

The LG Evacuation Chair is easily foldable for convenient storage on a wall or in a box.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that all people including disabled people or people with limited mobility using the building be provided with adequate means of escape in case of fire.

LG Evacu 250 x 180
Lightweight Construction
LG Evacu Folded 250 x 180
Easy Storage
LG Evacu Goes Down Stairs 250 x 180
Simple To Use

Any situation that requires escaping down stairs.

Capacity: 135 kg

Weight: 14 kg

Dimensions: 138cm x 35cm x 53cm

Warranty: 1 year

Manufacturer: Antano