Flexyfoot Replacement Foot

£3.00 ex vat

Replacement foot for the Flexyfoot Shock Absorbing Ferrule.

Simply unscrew the old foot and screw in the new foot.

VAT Exemption


Flexyfoot Replacement Foot

You can replace your worn or broken Flexyfoot Ferrule Foot with ease, simply screw the new Flexyfoot replacement foot into any Flexyfoot collar (the part that is attached to your walking aid).

Manufactured in one size the Flexyfoot replacement foot can be used with all Flexyfoot Ferrules.

This means there is no need to buy a complete Flexyfoot Ferrule, you just need to replace the foot.

The replacement foot comes in either a grey or black tread.

All replacement feet are sold with two O rings that can be fitted to the foot if greater shock absorbency is required for the more active or full weight bearing users.

Please Note:

The Flexyfoot collar (the part that is attached to your walking aid) is not included, only the replacement foot.

Only order a replacement foot if you already have an existing Flexyfoot Shock Absorbing Ferrule fitted to your walking aid.

If you do not have the Flexyfoot collar you can buy the Flexyfoot Shock Absorbing Ferrule Here.

Maximum user weight: 130KG


Black, Grey

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