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Flexyfoot Comfort Fischer Handle Walking Stick

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Flexyfoot Comfort Fischer Handle Walking Stick

The Flexyfoot Comfort Fischer Handle Walking Stick combines functionality and visual appeal, making it an excellent choice for individuals who require additional support and balance while walking.

It incorporates several features that promote user confidence and independence during mobility.

The Comfort Fischer Handle is ergonomically shaped to spread pressure evenly across the palm of the hand.

It is perfect for those with arthritic hands who might find conventional walking stick handles uncomfortable.

One standout feature of this walking stick is its innovative Flexyfoot ferrule, which showcases a unique design.

  • The ferrule is equipped with flexible bellows that efficiently absorb shock when in contact with surfaces, resulting in a significant reduction in discomfort experienced in the arm and upper body.
  • Furthermore, the ferrule’s foot tread is exceptionally durable and provides up to 50% more grip than traditional ferrules.

  • This feature ensures continuous contact with the ground, maximizing traction and stability throughout use.

  • The walking stick’s telescopic design allows for complete height adjustability, enabling individuals to customise the stick’s height according to their specific requirements. This feature ensures optimal comfort and support based on individual needs.

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What are the benefits of using the Flexyfoot Comfort Fischer Handle Walking Stick ?

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Choose from two colours...

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Technical Information:

Tested to EN 1134-4-9 static load and fatigue tests

  • Colours: Blue, Black
  • Minimum handle height: 740mm (29″)
  • Maximum handle height: 940mm (37″)
  • Maximum user weight: 130kg (20.5st)
  • Product weight: 430g

Black, Blue

Pair (Left and Right) or Single Stick

Pair (Left & Right) Stick, Single (Left), Single (Right)

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Size Guide

Method 1. Diameter

Measure the diameter of your walking aid and choose the size of Flexyfoot as per the below:

flexyfoot diameter sizes
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Method 2. Circumference

Use a strip of paper to wrap around your walking aid. Mark size and measure off length of circumference in millimetres:

flexyfoot circumference sizes table
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flexyfoot taper measure

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