C-Max Powered Stair Climber

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It is essential that when purchasing an Evacuation Chair or Stair Climber that a suitable training programme is also implemented.

ESL Services are dedicated to providing a nationwide full-evacuation chair & stair climber training service to our customers.

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 C-Max Powered Stair Climber

The C-max Powered Stair Climber is so versatile that it can operate on stairs and on level ground.

Transferring from one chair to the other is made a lot more convenient with removable armrests.

Designed with compact dimensions and foldable foot rest the C-Max manoeuvres effortlessly on winding stairs and very narrow stair cases.

The C-max is the ideal solution for small, compact apartments and narrow doorways.

Narrow and spiral stairs are easily managed through advanced individually adjustable systems.


Versatile: With the C-Max you easily manage everyday situations.

Being a push wheelchair with stair climbing function makes the C-Max the ideal device for e.g. health and driving services, the use in public places and buildings, and in nursing homes as well as in private residences.

Automatic safety brakes stop at each stair edge.

C-Max operates on all types of stair or floor coverings causing no damage whatsoever.

Home stair climber solution for occupational therapy.

C-Max Specifications:

Capacity: 160 kg
Weight: 32 kg
Dimensions: 109cm x 48.5cm x 91.5cm
Collapsed Dimensions: 109cm x 44.7cm x 73cm
Warranty: 1 Year
Manufacturer: AAT
Batteries: 2 – 12V 5Ah
DC Motor: 24V
Climbing Speed: 8 – 23 steps/min
Step’s Height Maximum: 21cm

Stair Clearances:

Minimum: 600 x 600 mm

The diagram below shows typical minimum clearances required on stairways.

Actual requirements may vary depending on your stairway configuration.

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