Portable Channel Ramps

Our range of Portable Channel Ramps offer the perfect solution for access problems when bridging gaps or loading vehicles.

Due to their fiberglass construction these portable channel ramps are extremely strong and lightweight making them suitable for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

These ramps are available in folding and non folding versions.

Non Folding Channel Wheelchair Ramps are available in: 2ft – 24″(610mm), 4ft – 48″(1220mm) and 6ft – 72″(1830mm) sizes.

Folding Channel Wheelchair Ramps are available in: 6ft – 72″(1830mm) and 8ft – 96″(2440mm) sizes.

  • Quick to deploy, convenient to store and easy to use.
  • Non Slip Surface.
  • Made from Fiberglass.
  • Extremely strong and lightweight.
  • Folding and non folding versions come as a pair.
  • Smooth corners prevent damage to upholstery when sliding in and out of vehicles.
  • Simple catches and handles are fitted to assist in using and carrying the ramps.

Custom sizes and colours can also be manufactured, please contact us for any further details.

All our Access Ramps & Platforms are available for Disability VAT Exemption.