Airsteril Air Purification Systems

AIRsteril product ranges specialises in air purification for controlling odours, viruses and infections in enclosed spaces

Our Product Range

AIRsteril product ranges specialises in air purification for controlling odours and infections in enclosed spaces, we have a wide range of products in various sizes and strengths to ensure that we have the right air purification system to suit your needs.

Airsteril technology works to treat the root cause of an odour by destroying bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi to ensure the air and all exposed surfaces have been sanitised.

Air does not need to pass through the unit to be purified which eliminates the need for masking agents, thus reducing chemical usage.

Our units show customers that you practise a high level of hygiene and make it feel like a can of fresh air is being released throughout the room they are in.


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Air purification products for controlling odours, infections & viruses in enclosed spaces.
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Do you want to clear offensive odours and control harmful infections?
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Scientifically Proven Products
Made by Specialists in Air Purification
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The AS10X/AS20/AS20X/AS20M are completely silent using our unique thermal UV to eliminate unpleasant odours and control harmful bacteria and viruses
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