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ESL Services have contacts and partnerships with many leading suppliers of accessible products to assist with compliance under the Equality Act 2010.


Ampetronic are world leaders in the design and manufacture of audio induction loop systems, also known as hearing loop systems or T loops, an established technology that helps the hearing impaired to increase the clarity of amplified sound in any busy environment by working in conjunction with their own hearing aids.

Our products are designed and built to the highest standards to provide complete peace of mind and the lowest cost of ownership of any assisstive listening technology.

All systems come with a 5 year warranty as standard but, we at ESL Services are offering a 10 year extended warranty on all our Counter Induction Loops.

Ampetronic Products & Partners


ESL Services are the preferred partner of Evaccess for Scotland and Northern Ireland providing, evacuation chairs, stair climbers & information according to the needs and building specifications.

Evaccess provide services, products, and solutions for:

  • Access
  • Egress
  • Evacuation
  • Mobility
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View Open Doors

ESL Services works in partnership with View Open Doors, a website dedicated to giving people with disabilities useful information on where they can safely and comfortably Shop, Stay and Eat etc.

View Open Doors gives help to others by giving them access to our nationwide disability audit data to help them search for and plan their accommodation, travel and shopping needs.

Viewopendoors for customers

For Customers:

View Open Doors provides a unbiased directory where customers can check before they visit a location what accessibilities are available to them and make an informed decision of the businesses they potentially want to visit.

Viewopendoors for business

For Businesses:

View Open Doors will advertise your company for free when one of the following is done by ESL Services:

  • A Disability Access Audit
  • A Walkthrough Access Audit

View Open Doors Access Directory & Guide Features:

  • The Companies Details
  • Accessibility Icons
  • Detailed Accessibilities Information
  • Detailed Photos of the Business Listing
  • Geo Mapping with the Business Location
  • Geo Mapping with Directions From your Location to your Destination
  • Related Listings
  • Nearby Listings
Viewopendoors Disabled Access Guide
Viewopendoors Deatailed Accessibility Information
Viewopendoors Detailed Business Listings
Viewopendoors Get Directions

Your Business will be advertised for 5 years from the date of the audit and will be updated as you make the necessary ‘reasonable adjustments’.

For any enquiries or further Information please contact us at View Open Doors.