Dew Sanitising Products

Kinder Cleaning, Kinder On The Environment.

Dew Sanitising Products, starting an eco-cleaning revolution with an eco-friendly, green vision for the future of cleaning, powered by Electrolysed water.

dew sanitising products

Dew Sanitising Products

Hand Sanitiser works in seconds, is free from alcohol, aldehydes, parabens.

Both Refill from the Blue Ready Mix.

99.995% effective at destroying viruses and comply with EN14476.

dew-readymix-blue-refill-5l category
Dew Sanitising Products

Ready Mix Blue
Refill 5L

Dew Sanitising Products

Sanitiser Dispenser
Wall Mounted

Dew Sanitising Products

Sanitiser Refill Pouch
1L for Dispenser

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