Dew Disinfect Products

Kinder Cleaning, Kinder On The Environment.

Dew Disinfect Products, starting an eco-cleaning revolution with an eco-friendly, green vision for the future of cleaning, powered by Electrolysed water.

Dew Disinfect Products

Disinfect is an all round surface sanitiser, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Kitchen Worktops: Spray and leave for 1 minute, then wipe down or leave to dry.

Sinks & Drains: Direct down waste pipe to keep germ free.

Toilets: Direct around the bowl last thing at night for a germ free toilet.

Antiseptic: For antibacterial skin cleansing, simply spray directly on the skin and allow to dry naturally.

99.995% effective at destroying viruses and comply with EN14476.

Note: On all surfaces always spot test and wipe off after 5 mins of application if any reaction is observed

Dew Disinfect Products

Disinfect 500ml

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Dew Disinfect Products

Ready Mix Blue Refill 5L

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