dew desk/vehicle ir misting machine product

Dew Desk/Vehicle IR Misting Machine

Dew Desk/Vehicle IR Misting Machine Includes Mist 2.5L

  • The IR Misting Machine can be used personally or in your vehicle.
  • Ideal for use on the move due to it being rechargeable via USB lead provided.
  • By your office desk or in your vehicle, this Mister when used with Dew Mist, disperses a completely harmless Mist which Sanitises the surrounding air that you breathe.
  • Perfect for desks, cars, vans, taxis and vehicle fleets.
  • The Mister comes with a 2.5L Dew Mist Refill.
  • All our products are eco-friendly, natural, hypoallergenic; food, child and pet safe.

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