Dew Chlorisal ACS20 Electrostatic Fogger

Dew Chlorisal ACS20 Electrostatic Fogger Includes 4 x 5L Mist

Our ACS20 machine is an electrostatic fogging machine. It provides an electrically charged disinfectant. When discharged, the particles provide a thorough coating of the surface you are spraying it on. The electrically charged molecules are attracted to the surface and will wrap around the object being sprayed.

As the mist has a wrapping effect, it will fully coat all the surfaces you are spraying. Another benefit is that with electrostatic spraying, it is not liable to soak or saturate surfaces. The ACS20 will dispense a spray up to 3 metres. Ideal for offices, shops, and production areas.

Lightweight and battery operated, the ACS20 is portable and practical for a wide range of applications.

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