Dew Chlorisal ACS08 Electrostatic Fogger

The Dew Chlorisal ACS08 Electrostatic Fogger Includes Mist 5L x 2 Refills

Equipped with a blue light to add further ease of use, the ACS08 is our lightest model yet and is charged directly via a USB cable. These units are supplied with an in-car charger for convenient charging on the go.

The Dew Chlorisal ACS08 Electrostatic Fogger will provide the flexibility and the accuracy to disperse Dew Mist where it is needed most and as it is electrostatic, it will wrap-around objects, not just disinfect the surfaces.

Designed with an effective range of 1.5 metres, the ACS08 is handy for smaller rooms and vehicles or anywhere that requires more controlled fogging.

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