Puris Air Covid-19 Air Filtration Systems

ESL Services are working in partnership with Puris Air to bring Puris Air Covid-19 Air Filtration Systems to the market place.

Puris Air Covid-19 Air Filtration Systems are manufactured by Puris Air which is a ground-breaking UK Company that has pioneered the complete removal of contagious viruses and particulates from our indoor environment using its patented electro-foil filtration process, to provide a supply of clean air to the population at an affordable price.

The technology, in development for over 5 years and verified by the Government’s Biosafety Investigation Unit at Porton Down (who awarded it an efficiency of 99.9992%), effectively removes all viruses (including Covid-19), bacteria and dust (nano particulates) from indoor spaces. It does so more effectively than any other filtration technology. Its cellular-connected filters and sensors send data to our cloud-based platform which can be accessed and managed by customers in real time.

The demand for clean air has been increasing steadily over the past few years, but significantly more since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The filters eliminate as per the specification the following spectrum of particles.

Porton Down Interface Devices Report

Efficacy Testing of the Interface Devices Electrostatic Filter Device to Reduce Aerosol Microbial Contamination

Wall Mounted & Free-Standing Filter Units

Floor and Wall Unit

  • Floor and wall mounted units require a standard 13 Amp socket
  • 450mm x 350mm x 53mm
  • 0.7 cubic meters per minute

£800.00 + VAT

Ceiling Unit

  • Ceiling mounted units require a qualified electrician for installation
  • 595mm x 595mm x 79mm
  • 2.3 cubic meters per minute

£1,100.00 + VAT

Large Wall Unit

  • Floor and wall mounted units require a standard 13 Amp socket
  • 1080mm x 450mm x 86mm
  • 10.3 cubic meters per minute

£1,100.00 + VAT

Air Quality Monitoring Unit (Particulate)

The environmental sensor platform of the PurisAir AQM creates new possibilities for the measurement of indoor air quality, combining multiple sensing elements in one device to provide more detailed air quality signals.

This unprecedented combination of long-term stability and technology makes the PurisAir AQM a perfect choice for indoor air quality monitoring in mobile, smart home and appliance applications.

The PurisAir AQM range of sensors enables the measurement of the total levels of Volatile Organic Compounds, Particulate Matter and eCO2 and thus helps to increase the efficiency of ventilation and air purification and the overall awareness of how such sources impact indoor air pollution in the population

£240.00 + VAT 

Air Monitoring

Air monitoring as a service:

  • Monthly fee providing internal / external air health.
  • Measuring eCo2, TVOC, small and large particulates. Sensors located in offices, cars, buses etc


Collate and analyse data using Smart AI


  • Provides recommendations on short term preventative measures:
  • Office Ventilation
  • Number people in a room
  • TVOC vs eCO2 = probable virus. More R&D required on this
  • Indoor / Outdoor pollution monitoring and mapping

Support to “real-time” mitigation actions:

  • Web platform with dashboards, reports, enquiries , alerts and data extraction
  • API link allowing data access for bespoke reporting
  • Monthly data reporting and alerts

Subscription Price: £15.00 + VAT per month

Leasing can be arranged through Primary Business Finance Limited for Limited Companies

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