Z-LS-88 Portable ListenIR IDSP system

The Ampetronic Z-LS-88 Portable Listen IR IDSP system performs like no other infrared product on the market, experience clear, focused audio with no dropouts or dead zones.

Ampetronic™ ListenIR offers a combination of privacy and performance unmatched by other infra-red solutions.

Hearing loops are the gold standard solution for communicating directly with hearing aid users, however, it is not always physically possible or financially viable to access the floor to install a loop.

Circumstances may also arise where enhanced privacy is required and assistive listening is only needed for a select audience, for example translation services or courtrooms.

In these applications, Ampetronic™, exclusive distributor in the UK of Listen Technologies, offers the unequalled ListenIR system.

ListenIR offers:

  • Higher quality audio than other receivers
  • Smaller receivers, making them easier to hand out, store, wear, and use
  • Superior receiver battery technology saving money and the hassle of battery management and disposal
  • Complete transmitter solutions with power supply unit (PSU), and mounting kit included y 4 channels
  • Compatibility with other IR receivers
  • Better management, with smarter and simpler maintenance solutions


  • Easy installation in areas unsuitable for hearing loop installations, or wherever a private audio signal is needed.
  • Higher quality audio offering outstanding audio clarity and quality, with the best range and reception in its class.
  • Twice the power and up to six times the coverage area of similar infra-red products.

Portable solutions

From classrooms to conferences, boardrooms to jury deliberation spaces and more, the Z-LS-88 Portable Listen IR IDSP system gives you a complete package to begin offering on-demand assistive listening right away.

Ideal for use in small, medium or large areas, where there is an occasional requirement e.g. shared between classrooms / meeting rooms or in mobile situations, Ampetronic™ ListenIR (Z-LS-88) provides clear, intelligible sound in a light, portable and easy to use system.

Training environments where a secure audio signal is required; classrooms, lecture halls and government venues is made easier and more effective using LitenIR. 

Education, Training & Places of worship

Dealing with background noise when faced with a busy and noisy environment can be a challenge for a person with hearing loss.

  • Distance from the talker will also affect the volume and intelligibility of the sound. 
  • Ampetronic™ ListenIR can provide a direct path of communication from the speaker to the ear of the user, cutting out much of the ambient noise and bringing the talker and recipient closer.
  • The size and shape of the receiver combined with a variety of available accessories, enables the receiver unit to be easily concealed so that users can benefit from the device without being singled out.
  • Participants can even use their own headphones or ear buds for added comfort.


  • Pre-configured transmitter/radiator, receivers
  • microphone and more for immediate assistive listening wherever it is needed
  • Offers ideal coverage for small to medium venues with up to 50 seats
  • Easy to set up, tear down, and transport
  • Offers crystal-clear audio performance in classrooms, conferences, boardrooms and more
  • Multiple receivers, neck loop/lanyards, and ear speakers are included


  • Compact 4-channel IR receiver offers outstanding audio quality in a compact design.
  • Part of the iDSP (intelligent digital signal processing) product family, providing a better listening experience.
  • The LR-4200 is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery and micro USB connection for easy venue management.

Z-LS-88 ListenIR portable infrared kit includes:

  • One (1) LT-84-01 ListenIR Transmitter/Radiator Combo
  • Two (2) LR-4200 IR Intelligent DSP IR Receiver
  • Two (2) LA-430 Intelligent Ear Phone/Neck Loop Lanyard
  • Two (2) LA-401 Universal Ear Speaker
  • One (1) LA-277 Conference Microphone
  • One (1) LA-338 Table Top Tripod
  • One (1) LA-346 Carrying Case
  • One (1) LA-423 4-Port USB Charger

Z-LS-88 ListenIR portable Accessories:

For additional accessories or more information on assistive listening solutions please contact us.

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