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Assistive Listening Devices

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assistive listening devices

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices or Assistive listening technology (ALT) is a system that enhances the hearing of people with hearing impairments.

The technology consists of various devices, such as hearing aids and FM systems, that provide auditory assistance by amplifying speech and reducing background noise. ALT is beneficial in public places like theaters, auditoriums, and classrooms, where background noise can be distracting, making it difficult for people with hearing loss to understand speech.

In these settings, ALT enables hearing-impaired individuals to enjoy performances, participate in lectures and discussions, and access information.

ALT can also be used in personal settings, such as during one-on-one conversations or phone calls. Overall, assistive listening technology improves the quality of life of people with hearing loss by helping them communicate effectively with others and participate more fully in society.

Why do I need Assistive Listening ?

Assistive listening is essential for individuals who have hearing impairments or disabilities that make it difficult for them to perceive or interpret sounds.

An assistive listening device amplifies or clarifies sound so that people can clearly hear what is being said in conversations, lectures, or public events.

  • This technology is also beneficial for those who suffer from attention deficit disorders or those who simply have difficulty hearing in noisy environments.
  • Assistive listening can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals who may otherwise feel isolated or excluded due to communication barriers.
  • These devices can come in various forms, from personal devices worn around the ear to systems installed in public venues.
  • By providing access to clear and distinct audio, assistive listening devices can help people to better participate in everyday activities and interact with others in a more meaningful way.
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Hearing loss can have different causes and can affect individuals of all ages. It can be attributed to factors such as aging, noise exposure, genetic factors, infections, or certain medical conditions.

In the UK there are more than 10 million people with some form of hearing loss (that’s 1-in-6 of the UK population), where 2 million of these people have hearing aids and 1.4 million people use hearing aids regularly.

The law states:

BS8300-2:2018 13.2 — “Assistive listening systems enable sound signals to be transmitted to people who are Deaf and hard of hearing, without interference from background noise or reverberation.

An assistive listening system, using induction loop, infrared or radio transmission, should be installed in:

  • Check in desks, Border Control Points and Customer service tills: Staff voice (A): Counter loop in all desks
  • Help Point, Information Point and Refuge Points: Audio from help point: Integrated loop.
  • Appropriate level of provision Lift emergency intercom: Audio from intercom Integrated loop All emergency intercoms
  • Ticket window Staff: voice (A): Counter loop and speech transfer system All ticket windows such as transport, theatre, etc.
  • Announcements (airports, train stations): PA announcement system: Large area loop or a loop that covers a designated area (which will require clear signage) A designated area (zone) is identified that relates to the announcement and gives maximum coverage (attention is needed to ensure specific zoned areas are looped accordingly).
  • Reception and Customer Service desks: Staff voice: Counter loop
  • Conference rooms: Presenter’s voice/ AV system: Large area loop
  • Meeting rooms: Attendees’ voices / AV system: Large area loop: Microphone type and
    coverage needs to be specified correctly
  • Boardroom Attendees’: voices / AV system: Large area loop: Microphone type and coverage
    needs to be specified correctly.
  • Appropriate level of provision Lift emergency intercom: Audio from intercom Integrated loop All emergency intercoms.
  • Retail point of sale Staff: voice: Counter loop: Minimum of every other counter provides a counter loop
  • Retail point of sale (self-service): Audio from self-service unit: Integrated loop All units
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