DDA – Equality Act – Disability Access Audits

Welcome to ESL Services, we provide DDA – Equality Act – Disability Access Audits, Access Statements and Access Strategy Reports for all types of companies throughout the UK and Ireland.

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DDA – Equality Act – Disability Access Audits

ESL Services have been providing DDA – Equality Act – Disability Access Audits for over 17 years now.

From our base in Livingston, West Lothian in Central Scotland, we offer a full-service range of professional, cost-effective and bespoke packages to help and support disabled people and all types of businesses throughout the UK.

No matter whether you are a “famous” national brand like Top Shop, Subway, Greggs, NHS or simply a local corner shop you can be assured of our very best service and attention to detail.

Key Clients

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Disability Access Audit Reports...

Disability access audits are comprehensive assessments conducted to evaluate and identify barriers that may hinder accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

These audits aim to ensure that buildings, facilities, and services are inclusive and comply with accessibility standards and regulations.

Disability access audits can be a useful tool in meeting this duty, as they can help identify areas where adjustments are needed and provide recommendations for how to make those adjustments. By undertaking a disability access audit, service providers can ensure they are meeting their obligations under the Equality Act and providing accessible services for all.

With an excellent reputation, unique expertise and truly National coverage, we are proud to have helped, advised and supported some of the very biggest and most successful High Street stores improve their disabled access by providing Disability Access Audits, Access Statements, Access Strategy Reports, Training and Accessibility Solutions.

Our Services...

ESL Services are committed to carrying out Access Audits, Training Courses & Installations to the highest standard to assist Companies to meet with their obligations regarding the Equality Act 2010.

dda equality act disability access audits
ESL Services

Disability Access Audits

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ESL Services

Training Courses

ESL Services sell and source a wide range of high-quality disability products ranging from walking aids to access ramps, please contact us for further information.

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ESL Services

Flexyfoot Walking Aids

aed defibrillators
ESL Services

AED Defibrillators

evacuation chairs & stair climbers
ESL Services

Evac Chairs & Stair Climbers

Assistive Listening Devices

With the help of these devices, people with hearing issues can enjoy a better quality of life, improve their communication skills, and stay connected to the world around them

We provide various types of assistive listening technology to suit different needs and preferences.

Customer Reviews

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By assisting our Customers they will be able to assist their Customers who have a Disability, by making the ‘reasonable adjustments’ required Legally. All Audits will be rigorously carried out to the highest standards, they will also be scrutinised to ensure each Auditor carries out their own responsibilities with due diligence. In doing this we hope that we can contribute to making a Fairer and Equal Society.

Nationwide Coverage

ESL operates across Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland, providing a diverse range of commercial and retail businesses and national institutions:

From the NHS, local authorities and private hospitals, to some of the most successful High Street Retailers, to your Local Convenience Store.

dda equality act disability access audits national coverage

Disability Confident Employer

ESL Services is also a proud employer of staff with disabilities, who encourages their employees to achieve their best in order for them to bring their own experience to improve the company.

That’s because we always put Equality at the Heart of our Business.

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