Disabled Access Ramp Single Hand Rail
Disabled Access Ramps Single Hand RailDisabled Access Ramps Single Hand Rail

Standard Ramp Including Single Hand Rail

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Product Description

Standard Ramp Including Single Hand Rail

Standard Ramp Including Single Hand Rail – Good quality, strong and lightweight , versatile and easy to use
access ramps that have been designed for people with access problems who have limited mobility
and are required to use mobility equipment.


  • These ramps come in various sizes and can be used in conjunction with mobility equipment that includes wheelchairs, scooters etc.
  • A safe and easy way too many access problems.
  • Made strong and durable with glass reinforced plastic but also light enough for ease of lifting and moving.
  • These Ramps have been designed to meet the requirements of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act).
  • With a comprehensive range of sizes a desired and safe gradient can be easily achieved.
  • With contrasting coloured Slip resistant surface, smooth moulded side up stands.
  • For extra safety optional single or double handrails can be fitted.
  • With these exceptionally versatile ramps a safe ramp system can be easily achieved.

Standard Ramp Including Single Hand Rail Sizes:

SRFH 4ft 1220mm / 48˝ 800mm / 31½ 934mm / 36¾˝ 17kg
SRFH 5ft 1525mm / 60˝ 800mm / 31½ 934mm / 36¾˝ 19kg
SRFH 6ft 1830mm / 72˝ 800mm / 31½ 934mm / 36¾˝ 21kg
SRFH 7ft 2134mm / 84˝ 800mm / 31½ 934mm / 36¾˝ 24kg
SRFH 8ft 2440mm / 96˝ 800mm / 31½ 934mm / 36¾˝ 31kg


Additional Information

Ramp Length

4ft(1220mm / 48˝), 5ft(1525mm / 60˝), 6ft(1830mm / 72˝), 7ft(2134mm / 84˝), 8ft(2440mm / 96˝)