Disabled Access Ramp Platforms

Disabled Access Ramp Platforms – With five standard level platform options, almost any access
to a building can be accommodated, adding standard ramps and handrail fittings, a safe accommodating
access ramp system can be easily developed.

Custom sizes of disabled access ramp platforms can also be manufactured, please POA through email or phone for any further details.


  • If you are chronically sick or have a disabling condition.
  • If you are a registered charity providing care or surgical treatment for persons the majority of whom are handicapped.

Disabled Access Ramp Platforms:


  • All platforms are fitted as standard with adjustable feet giving a height range of 140mm to 260mm
  • Use of a universal corner platform allows access ramps to lead either to the left or right side of the doorway or entrance
  • The bottleneck platform enables a straight run of ramps in front of an entrance
  • An assortment of different height leg extensions allows platforms to be set at different heights
  • They allow for location over steps and other objects where there is no level surface to position the platform
  • Bridge plates allow flush positioning of platforms where door sills extend beyond the threshold
  • A 180° turn can be created using two corner platforms; a joining section ensures they have a level join
  • Gates can be added to the handrail configurations where required
  • Greater heights are achieved by fitting extension legs also available

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