ILR3 Audio Induction Loop Receiver

Product Description:

The ILR3 is a high quality audio induction loop receiver which allows the user to listen to an audio frequency induction loop system using a standard pair of stereo headphones (supplied).

It has a vertically mounted pick up coil and a low cut filter function to emulate the performance of a hearing aid switched to the T position.

It is therefore an essential tool for anyone installing maintaining or managing facilities fitted with induction loops providing them with immediate confirmation that the loop is running.











The ILR3+ also has LED indications to show field strength, for more accurate monitoring of a loop system.

(To measure the performance of an induction loop system, Ampetronic’s calibrated receiver CMR3 must be used).

In addition, the ILR3 or ILR3+ can be used by anyone without a hearing aid who needs a little extra assistance to hear.


Low distortion
Flat frequency response to 6kHz
Low cut filter—to simulate hearing aid response
Low and high field strength indicators according to IEC60118-4:2006 (ILR3+)
Volume control
5 year warranty
Auto power off with headphone removal
> 100 hours life with 2 AA batteries

Applications include

Checking that an induction loop system is working. Essential for installers, venue managers and event organisers
Recording the output of a loop system
Providing assistance to people without a hearing aid
Locating sources of interference
Checking loop coverage and signal overspill