ESL Services are committed to carry out Access Audits to the highest standard to assist Companies to meet with their obligations regarding the Equality Act 2010.

By assisting our Customers they will be able to assist their Customers who have a Disability, by making the ‘reasonable adjustments’ required Legally.

All Audits will be rigorously carried out to the highest standards, they will also be scrutinised to ensure each Auditor carries out their own responsibilities with due diligence.

In doing this we hope that we can contribute to making a Fairer and Equal Society.

UK Disability Access Audits

Based in Livingston (Scotland), ESL Services were founded over 10 years ago in 2003.

With our unique depth of experience and expertise, ESL are a market-leading Access Audit Company in the UK.

We deliver the Accessible Solutions that UK businesses need to function, grow and thrive in a marketplace accessible to ALL.

ESL operates across Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland, providing a diverse range of commercial and retail businesses and national institutions:

From the NHS, local authorities and private hospitals, to some of the most successful High Street Retailers, to your Local Convenience Store.

No matter whether you are a household brand like Top Shop, Subway and MacDonalds or a local sole trader, we treat all our clients with the same high levels of professionalism and courtesy.

That’s because we always put Equality at the Heart of our Business.